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Intscons In "Crocus Expo"

A number of the largest Russian companies seriously b interested in acquisition of Work-Task product of the innovative company "Instcons": such as Russian Railway, the largest bank of Russia - Sberbank, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the largest pe Read More...


Instcons and Sberbank of Russia

Instcons and Sberbank of Russia, in the person of the Head of the sector of partnership sales organization Nikerov Anton, have reached the agreement on continuation and extension of the program of interaction with business. Working in them will begin Read More...


JobsStaff 3.0 the full restyling

In JobsStaff version 3.0 in mid-November will be presented the new build system tests and criteria for evaluating existing and newly created. The constructor suggests a completely new approach that will not only make the system more convenient, bu Read More...