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Innovative program Worktask

Worktask– is the service created by team of experts in the field of consulting. Long-term experience and unique practices have formed the basis of Worktask which increases efficiency of personnel management and, finally, profitability of the company.
In Worktask:
• The employee sees quite specific objectives which are included in the current work.
• He / She and his / her head can receive an evident assessment of activity of the employee and his sense of duty.
• Development of competences has not spontaneous or periodic character, and happens over all working process that raises a daily involvement of the employee and his/her head into development.
What gives Worktask to users:
• First inaccessible employees appear in the field of education and development.
• Even the most organized people at similar approach noticeably increase efficiency, reducing the stress at the same time in working process.
• Heads at all levels are involved in development process. Special education isn't required, especially, if criteria dividing is made simply and conveniently for heads of middle level.
• Loading of employees development is shifted from divisions on work with personnel and internal institutions to heads of middle level.
• One employee is enough to see a significant amount of narrow places in a company of many thousands. For control of efficiency structure out of 150 employees of heads and staff you need jut several minutes a day.