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Jobsstaff 3.0 - recruiting

The new version of JOBSSTAFF platform includes decisions demanded by HR experts long ago. The functionality of the program was replenished with new opportunities which substantially facilitate and allow to improve recruiting process. Now all your recruitment projects are conveniently sorted by divisions. By creating a new vacancy, you just specify the necessary division(s), and then all entering CVs are sorted automatically.
After creation of vacancy and the corresponding form (which you can independently prepare or use prepared options) the special code is generated. This code can be built in the website of your company, then there will be a compact block allowing applicants by two clicks to start filling their personal data.
In version 3.0 as well as in other blocks of a platform absolutely new opportunities are opened for recruiting. Now those who recruits appeared a new opportunity to send messages directly from the program, including to the groups. The leader can hold the second step of testing for those who passed the first stage of the selection process.
It is possible to look through data by employees and the passed tests without leaving the vacancy page and herewith the convenience of candidates comparative analysis appears. This platform becomes much more pleasant and convenient for the candidate as well.
The automated approach to hiring will cause respect for those candidates who undergo mass selection. For those who are particularly valuable for organization and apply for the top positions, platform allows to systematize an assessment in various competences that will allow to be engaged in selection not only intuitively but also to receive visual confirmation of an assessment results.
Possibilities of the JOBSSTAFF block are presented in a video:
If you have acquired our program through online store, then in our videos you will be able to see the instruction for initial use of the program,
There are the following steps presented:
1. Editing data of the chief administrator of the program.
2. Editing data of the organization and logo entering.
3. Formation of trial vacancy and placement of a code on your website.
Many heads will use this block also for tracking of daily tasks performance.
JobsStaff 3.0 - cardinally new approach
Version 3.0 of the JobsStaff platform (the former name HCAD) opens the same opportunities to increase employee efficiency, which so far has not been so carefully expressed anywhere.
We have opened the new page in work with personal competences of employees. Now each head will be able competently to regulate development of the subordinates, to trace how carefully each employee is engaged to his/her tasks given by different activity directions. To sum up the activity results. In fact, we have created internal exercise mechanism that can be useful even for sport organizations. You can track how an employee develops a competence, the ability to manage those or other activities. Therefore, the universal block of work with skills was combined to the universal test constructor It is obvious that this block will be used by heads use to track of daily tasks performance as well, but it only opens up new possibilities in the assessment.