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HCAD - Technology for people and about people

HCAD - Technology for people and about people For HR services the program can be used both in the distant analysis of candidates, and in case of mass selection. All data are stored in system, that can be analyzed. Success of any team depends on its key players. If the perspective organization shows mediocre result, so it is time to pay special attention to Human Resource.
Long-term decisions by InstCons company in optimization of administrative decisions in working with employees formed the basis of the automated HCAD program.
HCAD is the innovative tool demanded by the consulting companies as a basis for implementation qualitative consulting activities, and also franchising companies, small, medium and large business. The program can be implemented in every enterprise in any fields of production.
HCAD will be the irreplaceable assistance in issues of planning of strategic personnel policy and the decision of 4 the major tasks:
1 Development of existing collective potential 2 Recruiting and selection of productive employees 3 Working with internal non-financial motivation of collective 4 Efficiency assessment and performance organization of sales department staff
Features of HCAD program
HCAD is a constructor for tests formation taking into account specific professional competences, organization specifics, management style, current tasks and many other factors.
Testing of the organization and compilation of recommendations happens within 1 day.
The program not just analyzes "portraits" of employees, but also gives specific recommendations about their perspective development.
HCAD for the first time conveniently solves the problem of interaction and understanding between the manager and employee.
Helps to trace how managers work with their employees, to develop managing skills at all levels and to increase internal staff loyalty of whole organization.
The system does not require installation, service and software updates. Conveniently systematized data are stored on a remote server and are safely protected. Access to them is provided on specially generated passwords from any computer. The interface is also adapted for gadgets and smartphones.