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SOFS – Top Management’s Resources

SOFS technology basis – increase the level and quality of management of the existing resources, development of the most technological decisions directed to achievement of strategic tasks. Qualitatively new company working standard is the result of SOFS technology implementation. It allows to make in the future considerable steps in development of all activities.
The SOFS program has been formed with use of the western technologies and adapted to the Russian managing principles. Since August, 2010 SOFS technology has begun to be applied in the Russian companies representing various sectors of economy.
We take the principle as a basis: the result of the company directly depends on managers performance results
Course program:
1st stage. Diagnostics. The analysis of the existing work gives an objective assessment of a condition of company/division, reveals "narrow" places in work, and defines the main aspects that demand changes. SOFS technologies help to optimize work of key employees and to eliminate system errors of the company.
Diagnostics process considers:
- Management principles in the company
- Organization Business processes and human resources management of the company
- professional competences of key employees of the company
Result of the analysis is recommendations formation for the subsequent changes in working, both for managing levels and the company in general.
2nd stage. The solution of company quests defined from diagnostics results. Formation of the purposes and tasks for passing SOFS program.
Feature: only after obtaining analysis of diagnostics results SOFS technology allows to tell what tools will be used for passing the program.
During passing of the program heads improve the following tools:
- Development of the most technological decisions, in relation to strategic tasks. SOFS offers additional instruments for business processes management.
- Analysis of functional efficiency of structure: Tasks Formation- Control Execution. Personal factor minimization on process operations, and personal factor development while forming non-standard decisions.
- Features of key players involvement and creation of conditions for their maximum efficiency in the tasks set for them.
- Formation of blitz transformations. Structure of Upgrade.
- Opportunities for working with the resistances to changes. Criteria of modern motivation.
During each session there is a complex work with managers consisting of group and individual classes at direct presence of their direct head.
SOFS dynamically fits into work of the organization, without destroying business processes, but improving existing; forms steady internal climate, purposive development of the company.