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Upgrade of Division

Upgrade of Division – the program allowing to increase overall performance of concrete division of the company in only 2 days with the minimum time and labor expenditure.
During work the most objective assessment of the existing situation is given, identifying the narrow places in division work and the main aspects to increase in its productivity How do we reach it:
1. The first stage - the analysis of the existing performance of division, in relation to the company goals and a situation in the market.
2. The second stage - conducting a master class for division which is focused on 3-4 main points defined during primary analysis of the division performance.
As a result in 2 days of work we create a number of hi-tech transformations allowing to solve a significant amount of tasks and to increase overall division effectiveness :
• Division performance and methods of clients "achievement" are optimized
• Restricting factors in development of each manager are defined and tools for their overcoming are given
• Management of employees performance and working processes of the company are improved