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"Diagnostics" is based on the objective analysis and holds by the unified tests system. Tests are developed by the company RB Project. On the basis of the obtained results and the created offers, the company can increase by using its own resources in practice.
Tests will allow:
• to receive the analysis of a market condition (by the view of employees);
• to define the factors interfering the most effective performance of employees;
• to discover which skills, will allow to increase overall performance of the employee;
• to enhance self-discipline and to stabilize systemic of processes both in divisions in general, and by the employees personally as well;
• to reveal motivational components for each employee individually and divisions in general.

• Assessment of existence of a target segment and formalization of segmentation
• Working with a diverse variety of segments
• Work with not our own segment
• Weak profitability of a segment
• Decrease of employees motivation because of non-optimal segment selection
• Market analysis o and the clear formalization of the most optimum segment
• Growth of employees effectiveness while working in the selected segment.
• Growth of employees motivation because of result prediction opportunity
• Time savings
• Resources savings

• Assessment of purposes existence
• Assessment of purposes formalization
• Assessment of compliance of the employees personal purposes with the purposes of the organization
• Lack of attention to the statement of purposes
• The incorrect delivery of company purposes to employees
• Lack of the personal purposes of employees
• Conflict of the purposes of employees and strategy of the company
• Divergence of company purposes
• Lack of clear regulations of purposes achievement
• Definition and formalization of purposes
• Establishment of interrelation of the personal purposes of employees with the purposes of the company
• Exact forecasting of results of activity both each employee, and organization in general
• Increase in productivity of performance on average for 40%

Handwriting of successful operations, creativity
• Analysis of high-productive working operations of the company
• Scaling of operations data
• Heads can consider that the successful skills and qualities inherent in one employees, it is difficult to develop in others
•Not enough attention is paid to employees development
• Clear definition of the development strategy individually each employee and the structure in general
• Development of the skills and qualities necessary for result achievement in whole collective will lead to equalization of indicators and increase the productivity of whole structure

Skills, knowledge
• Definition of compliance of professional competences to the tasks set for work
• Definition of the most productive working directions for the concrete employee
• Business competences of employees and the tasks set for them don't correspond to each other
• Identification of personal level of competences and development of the program of preparation for the set tasks
• Optimization of competences level
• Preparation of employees development systemic program

Market obstacles: objective and subjective
• Definition of the external and internal factors influencing on company development
• An employee perceives the market subjectively
• An employee doesn't possess tools for overcoming market resistance
• Formalization of market resistance
• Development of objections neutralization methods
• After the analysis 70-80% of objections are withdrawn

• Definition of the condition of personal and general motivation
• Incorrect determination of motivation by the company management
• Weak use of non-financial motivators
• Employees don't see a possibility of development in the company
• Weak engagement into work
• Removal of limiters of employees personal growth
• Identification of employees personal values
• Growth of the engagement into work due to correct definition of individual motivators
• Maintenance of a qualitative motivational background

How does diagnostics hold?

1. Written questioning of the whole collective 2. Oral interview with each employee
3. Analysis and summing up diagnostics
4. Determination of 3-4 main tasks necessary for optimization of work in the conditions of limited time resources / Identification of all tasks necessary for optimization of work and their systemic step-by-step decision