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ОТОП – Sales Resources

The company has developed a universal and convenient course for Optimization of Technological effectiveness of Sales department, available both for small and for large business. Many companies can't achieve the maximum working level from employees, quality, devotion, self-discipline, overcoming a syndrome “wasting time” from them that is a stumbling block for heads of thousands enterprises. The OTOP program – Sales Resources eliminates these obstacles.

Program purpose: Creation in division of the mechanism of dynamically developing sales.

Description of the program: The ОТОП program is calculated on 1 year / 15 meetings in the territory of the Customer. During each meeting there is a complex work with sales department and with the Head of department consisting of group and individual classes. The program is aimed at the individual development of each employee in the company. We define "weak places" at employees and we help to find the solution which will help to overcome them.

How does it work: together we define the clear purpose / strategy o of company/division performance. Within a year we work on achievement of this purpose, removing intermediate indicators we analyze and we correct them.

The program is divided into 3 stages. The main part of the program passes in a type of individual consultations of employees.

1st stage. Development of the main directions of staff development. Overcoming primary barriers.

· Formation of the purposes which have to be reached during the program passing.
· Segmentation. Definition of client portrait, ideal for the Customer company.
· Formation of processes: rationing, primary calls, negotiations, conducting contacts.
· Formation of analytical reporting system.
· Training of employees of OTOP technology. Individual work with the Head of department and employees.
· Formation of the strategy of development for business qualities of each employee.

2nd stage. Sales Systematization. Development of sales technology. Work with psychological barriers. Conclusion to planned targets.
· Exactly psychological barriers are the main obstacles in a way to achievement of impressive sales volumes.
· One more component defining during this period is the reporting doing work of department not only transparent, but also giving in to the easy analysis. Use of our recommendations allows to achieve the simple and clear reporting and also to use it for perfection of department performance.
· Development of the "necessary/correct" habits. Development of employees business qualities of according to the formed strategy.

3rd stage. Formation of sales dynamic development process .
· The distinctive feature of the third stage is sales development technology of each employee separately. The standard of development raises thanks to the increased overall performance of employees.
· As a rule, each sales department has the specifics, climate, which are derivatives of both external, and internal factors. Therefore we build our technology in the annex to the existing climate that allows to combine our technology with the working mechanism of department effectively.
· Summing up of program performance