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Intscons In "Crocus Expo"

A number of the largest Russian companies seriously b interested in acquisition of Work-Task product of the innovative company "Instcons": such as Russian Railway, the largest bank of Russia - Sberbank, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the largest petrochemical holding of Russia SIBUR, the Russian state corporations – Rostec and Roskosmos.
In "Crocus Expo" of Moscow the annual international HR & Trainings EXPO exhibition-conference in the field of Human Resources, talents, distance learning, technologies and development management took place from September 20 to September 22. Interest was attracted by the innovative solution of Instcons company allowing massive to develop employees competences at all level, that influences on a cut in expenditures and efficiency of growth. As the example in the Russian Railway company over one million employees work, and economy on education of personnel pours out in hundreds of millions rubles.
At the same time technologies which are offered by the company allow to involve in development system internal resources of the company at the expense of already created banks of knowledge. Also representatives of Academy of Sciences interested in, as the solution can help structuring of unique knowledge have become: which are possessed by the field key experts of branch. At the moment Jobsstaff company prepares for restructuring the product for the Russian market based on the received arrangements.
During the exhibition the round tables and conferences were passed devoted to tendencies of personnel development in organizations. Instcons team presenting the innovative software products in the field of personnel development of the companies conducted a seminar about the topic "Management Evolution" having shared the professional experience of implementing technologies of continuous development of employees competencies in the companies.