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Innovative program Worktask

Worktask– is the service created by team of experts in the field of consulting. Long-term experience and unique practices have formed the basis of Worktask which increases efficiency of personnel management and, finally, profitability of the company. In Worktask: • The employee sees Read More...


Jobsstaff - Vacancy and Career

Jobsstaff - Recruitment Platform Opportunities of Jobsstaff    Post vacancies;    The flexible system of viewing and selection applicant's database;     Managment o Read More...


Jobsstaff 3.0 - recruiting

The new version of JOBSSTAFF platform includes decisions demanded by HR experts long ago. The functionality of the program was replenished with new opportunities which substantially facilitate and allow to improve recruiting process. Now all your recruitment projects are conveniently sorted by divis Read More...


New application and unique opportunities of HCAD

The new application of the platform HCAD Recruiting includes the decisions which don't have analogs in world practice, but long ago demanded by HR specialists. The functionality of the program was replenished with new opportunities which substantially facilitate and allow to improve recruiting proce Read More...


SOFS – Top Management’s Resources

SOFS technology basis – increase the level and quality of management of the existing resources, development of the most technological decisions directed to achievement of strategic tasks. Qualitatively new company working standard is the result of SOFS technology implementation. It allows to make in Read More...


Upgrade of Division

Upgrade of Division – the program allowing to increase overall performance of concrete division of the company in only 2 days with the minimum time and labor expenditure. During work the most objective assessment of the existing situation is given, identifying the narrow places in division wo Read More...


HCAD - Technology for people and about people

HCAD - Technology for people and about people For HR services the program can be used both in the distant analysis of candidates, and in case of mass selection. All data are stored in system, that can be analyzed. Success of any team depends on its key players. If the perspective organization shows Read More...


ОТОП – Sales Resources

The company has developed a universal and convenient course for Optimization of Technological effectiveness of Sales department, available both for small and for large business. Many companies can't achieve the maximum working level from employees, quality, devotion, self-discipline, overcoming a sy Read More...



"Diagnostics" is based on the objective analysis and holds by the unified tests system. Tests are developed by the company RB Project. On the basis of the obtained results and the created offers, the company can increase by using its own resources in practice. Tests will allow: • t Read More...