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Масштабирование бизнеса

Scaling the business

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Scaling is the creation of parallel units of successful business

Basic conditions for scaling

  • The current service is at least 6 months
  • Profitability indicators should be at least close to payback
  • The fundamental possibility of such a business could scale
  • For scaling, the service centers or shops where customers can come are needed. Or call

Examples of a scalable business: a specialized store, a service with a particularly pronounced audience …

This is cool when you see how a small business turns into an amazing giant

How do we do it?

  • We study and optimize the current business so that each area is as effective as possible. From the process of production of services to the moment of implementation.
  • We form the core of the decision -making team and create a mechanism for quick adaptation to growth
  • We make a brand and its philosophy more affordable, understandable and interesting
  • We form a package of requirements and instructions for employees and administrators for branches and units
  • We help to control the process of scaling

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