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Our History




The consulting company LLC Institute of Consulting was founded in 2007 in Moscow.

The main activities of the company “Institute of Consulting” are: the creation, development and implementation of new work programs in the fields of management, marketing and interaction with personnel.

Stages of development

Spring 2010

-A unique in its approach was developed by the UPGRETE unit product, which allows for 2-3 days to make transformations in companies. The methodology for modernizing the work of the units of the Consulting Institute has a long-term effect due to the correctly selected directions of transformations and the specifics of the master classes.


— Formed a «course for managers.» The main directions of the program are working with the team and with its own effectiveness, adjusting the goals and objectives of the company, developing your own strategy and tactics.

Summer-Average 2010

-The SOFS-Top Management \ ‘S Resources. In response to the need for top management of companies to achieve in Russia the European level of work from their subordinates — discipline, responsibility, dedication, desire for development, a solution was developed — the SOFS system product — Top Management \ ‘S Resources.

Autumn 2010

-In response to topical problems of customers, the personnel selection master was developed when selecting personnel. Extensive experience gained in working with teams allowed the company to develop a new approach in the employee selection system, which significantly facilitated the tasks of personnel services.


— assuming the impossibility of implementing all projects in companies in terms of work with the staff of the consulting Institute, has developed a training course for HR — RECOUNTION HR, which allows analyzing and using the company’s internal reserves, i.e. increase the motivation and professionalism of employees against the backdrop of the strategic goals of the company.


— A partnership of partnership with the Smart Personnel personnel selection agency is an exclusive representative of Novare Executive Search in Russia. In the framework of cooperation, projects are being implemented on the independent assessment of top management of companies, practical seminars and consultations for managers are carried out

Spring 2012

— Agreement on partnership with the Moscow International Higher School of Business Mirbis (Institute). Within the framework of cooperation, a project for practical training of graduates of the Institute and Listeners of MBA programs developed methods for assessing persons and increasing the profitability of business companies is being implemented.

Summer 2012

— The product “Audit of Human Capital” has been developed — an author’s program for determining the conformity of the company’s personnel to performed. The purpose of the program is an objective analysis of the professional and personal characteristics of employees to identify the most promising areas of work, and, as a result, increase the general effectiveness of the team. The uniqueness of the “Audit of Human Capital” methodology is that the possibilities of developing a manager/employee are considered within the company system, taking into account the specifics of the business, the adopted management style, the nature of the tasks, and the prevailing corporate culture.

September 2012

— Participation in the program of subsidizing by the Moscow government of small and medium -sized enterprises as a partner and consultant. The consulting institution developed recommendations and proposals for improving the work to stimulate business.

Autumn 2012

— — A consulting program and the master class on the topic “System of intangible motivation” have been developed — which allows us to strengthen the loyalty of employees, increase the return on their work at each level, and reduce the loss of the most valuable personnel.

October 2012

— The representative office of the Consulting Institute in Dushanbe, Tajikistan and G. Tallin, Estonia is open.

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