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Expertise of the company / divisions / sales

A system for an objective assessment and identification of “narrow” places in the work of the organization’s units. Based on the results of the assessment, a number of proposals are formed, thanks to which the organization can increase the efficiency of work.
Four directions covered by diagnosis:

  • Segmentation and marketing in general
  • Organizational structure and effectiveness of its work
  • Assessment of human capital efficiency and work on the development of its effectiveness
  • Evaluation of non -financial motivation

The combination of analysis and subsequent master class on the implementation of the recommendations obtained as a result of the examination

HR course

The task of the course is to convey to the personnel manager the mechanism for the development of personnel professionalism. The course is built on the study and implementation of methods and principles of improving personnel efficiency.

The technology developed by InstCons is transmitted to the leader in a practical format. The manager uses the acquired knowledge, working on the current tasks of the company.


SOFS — Program for increasing the efficiency of top management. The transformation complex within the SOFS program is aimed at the dynamic, focused development of the company. The assessment and optimization of the use of existing resources and management of capabilities is made

Selection of key staff

Master classes of personnel selection and team formation. Three master of class in technology InstCons. The technology allows not only to evaluate the employees, but also to form recommendations for the most effective development of a particular applicant as well as its adaptation within the company

Sales for managers

The task of the course is to transfer the mechanism of regulation and development of the sales department to the manager. The course is built on the study and implementation of the methods and principles of the OTOP program.

Sales for professionals

A universal and powerful course to optimize the technological work of the sales department available for small and large businesses. Purpose of the course: creating a mechanism of dynamically developing sales in the company

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